*: equal contribution. See also my Google Scholar profile for the most recent publications. Representative papers are highlighted.


DreamLLM: Synergistic Multimodal Comprehension and Creation
Runpei Dong*, Chunrui Han*, Yuang Peng, Zekun Qi, Zheng Ge, Jinrong Yang, Liang Zhao, Jianjian Sun, Hongyu Zhou, Haoran Wei, Xiangwen Kong, Xiangyu Zhang, Kaisheng Ma, Li Yi
Project | PDF | Code (coming soon) | BibTex

ChatSpot: Bootstrapping Multimodal LLMs via Precise Referring Instruction Tuning
Liang Zhao*, En Yu*, Zheng Ge, Jinrong Yang, Haoran Wei, Hongyu Zhou, Jianjian Sun, Yuang Peng, Runpei Dong, Chunrui Han, Xiangyu Zhang
PDF | Demo | Code (coming soon) | BibTex

Exploring Recurrent Long-term Temporal Fusion for Multi-view 3D Perception
Chunrui Han, Jianjian Sun, Zheng Ge, Jinrong Yang, Runpei Dong, Hongyu Zhou, Weixin Mao, Yuang Peng, Xiangyu Zhang
PDF | Code (coming soon) | BibTex

Conference Papers

VPP: Efficient Conditional 3D Generation via Voxel-Point Progressive Representation
Zekun Qi*, Muzhou Yu*, Runpei Dong, Kaisheng Ma
NeurIPS 2023 | PDF | Code | BibTex

CLIP-FO3D: Learning Free Open-world 3D Scene Representations from 2D Dense CLIP
Junbo Zhang, Runpei Dong, Kaisheng Ma
OpenSUN 3D @ ICCV 2023 | PDF | Code (coming soon) | BibTex

Contrast with Reconstruct: Contrastive 3D Representation Learning Guided by Generative Pretraining
Zekun Qi*, Runpei Dong*, Guofan Fan, Zheng Ge, Xiangyu Zhang, Kaisheng Ma, Li Yi
ICML 2023 | PDF | Code | OpenReview | Slides | BibTex

Autoencoders as Cross-Modal Teachers: Can Pretrained 2D Image Transformers Help 3D Representation Learning?
Runpei Dong, Zekun Qi, Linfeng Zhang, Junbo Zhang, Jianjian Sun, Zheng Ge, Li Yi, Kaisheng Ma
ICLR 2023 | PDF | Code | OpenReview | Slides | BibTex

PointDistiller: Structured Knowledge Distillation Towards Efficient and Compact 3D Detection
Linfeng Zhang*, Runpei Dong*, Hung-Shuo Tai, Kaisheng Ma
CVPR 2023 | PDF | Code | BibTex

Region-aware Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Image-to-Image Translation
Linfeng Zhang, Xin Chen, Runpei Dong, Kaisheng Ma
BMVC 2023 | PDF | Code | BibTex

CORSD: Class-Oriented Relational Self Distillation
Muzhou Yu, Sia Huat Tan, Kailu Wu, Runpei Dong, Linfeng Zhang, Kaisheng Ma
ICASSP 2023 | PDF | BibTex

Contrastive Deep Supervision
Linfeng Zhang, Xin Chen, Junbo Zhang, Runpei Dong, Kaisheng Ma

ECCV 2022 | PDF | Code | Slides | BibTex
Oral Presentation (2.7%)

Finding the Task-Optimal Low-Bit Sub-Distribution in Deep Neural Networks
Runpei Dong*, Zhanhong Tan*, Mengdi Wu, Linfeng Zhang, Kaisheng Ma
ICML 2022 | PDF | Code | Slides | BibTex
Spotlight Presentation

Multi-Glimpse Network: A Robust and Efficient Classification Architecture based on Recurrent Downsampled Attention
Sia Huat Tan, Runpei Dong, Kaisheng Ma
BMVC 2021 | PDF | Code | BibTex

NN-Baton: DNN Workload Orchestration and Chiplet Granularity Exploration for Multichip Accelerators
Zhanhong Tan, Hongyu Cai, Runpei Dong, Kaisheng Ma
ISCA 2021 | PDF | BibTex