Region-aware Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Image-to-Image Translation

ReKo Overview


Recent progress in image-to-image translation has witnessed the success of generative adversarial networks (GANs). However, GANs usually contain a huge number of parameters, which lead to intolerant memory and computation consumption and limit their deployment on edge devices. To address this issue, knowledge distillation is proposed to transfer the knowledge from a cumbersome teacher model to an efficient student model. However, most previous knowledge distillation methods are designed for image classification and lead to limited performance in image-to-image translation. In this paper, we propose Region-aware Knowledge Distillation ReKo to compress image-to-image translation models. Firstly, ReKo adaptively finds the crucial regions in the images with an attention module. Then, patch-wise contrastive learning is adopted to maximize the mutual information between students and teachers in these crucial regions. Experiments with eight comparison methods on nine datasets demonstrate the substantial effectiveness of ReKo on both paired and unpaired image-to-image translation. For instance, our 7.08$\times$ compressed and 6.80$\times$ accelerated CycleGAN student outperforms its teacher by 1.33 and 1.04 FID scores on Horse to Zebra and Zebra to Horse, respectively. Codes will be released on GitHub.

Tech Report, May. 2022.